Asian Food Guru

All about chef Kuan 

Dad & Mom in PEnang .

Lai “Kuan” Geo was born into a family of connoisseurs of good food , My both parents willing travel hours to savour the best. Starting his training in Malaysia and Amsterdam

Kuan travelled around Europe in his quest to master the culinary arts. “During my travels, I discovered the beauty and different cultures through their cuisine,” he says.

At the tender age of 21, he moved to South Africa, and the age of 23 was involved in the opening an Asian restaurant in Cape Town. Kuan is flexible and capable of taking care of not only the food but every aspect of the dining experience.

Chef Kuan is a self-confident individual with warm and flamboyant personality always strive to raise the bar of excellence and seek to broaden horizons. My greater area of my job is a good all rounder with strong skilful areas including marketing strategy and public relations



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