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My Food Story – Thai Fish Maw Soup


Boiling Point
Yummy smile is drifting in the Kitchen and it is almost ready to chow !

Krapo Pla is one of my favourite a must eat dish while visiting of beloved Thailand.

I loves enjoyed this dish while piping hot with chunks of tender chicken meat, slightly sour strips of bamboo shoots, gelatinous pieces of the fish maw, slices of sitakes mushrooms, hard boiled egg or quail egg and tablespoon of fermented chili sauce.

Fish Maw is the bladder of the air bladder , You can buy it from most country in Asia supermarket, It’s deep fried to preserved it, and soak in water to reconstitute it for further cooking require.



I had my eye for this bamboo bush even since my first visit in Ban Tu 2013 in this typical Thai architecture home with stunning wooded details craftsmanship belong to my partner family.

It was spontaneously happened one morning just after the rain falls I felt like a little wonder in the backyard garden then I met Teenatt Auntie who is very helpful and we both just talked into each other for some yummy bamboo dish will be our lunch for the day.


You will need

Ingredients A

1 nos      Whole Chicken or thigh

65g         Shitake mushroom dried ( soak a night before and keep the soaking water)

50g         Coriander root

3L           Water

2nos       Eggs

50g         Potato starch or corn flour

30ml      Sesame oil


Fish 4



Ingredients B

100g       Fish maw ( Soak , boiled with ginger & spring onion, rinse the fat off used )

100g       Bamboo shredded ( Cut into strip boiled with salt to before used )

50g         Brown Squid or cuttlefish dried shredded ( Soak a night before )

50g         Debone chicken feet  ( I put it to have to extra crunch texture )


Ingredients C

50g         Fresh bean sprout

50g         Butter lettuce

20g         Fresh Coriander leaves




  1. Bring water to boiled add the chicken, Coriander root and mushroom then allow to simmer on medium heat for 45 minutes .
  2. Removed the bird and shitake mushroom from the stock then allow to cool.
  3. Hand pulled the chicken meat into a thin strip and sliced the mushroom in jullienne.
  4. Bring the broth to boiling point again add all ingredients B into the stock then season with fish sauce and soy sauce.
  5. Thicken the broth potato starch or corn flour mixture and for the egg drop style creamy broth texture look fold in some beaten egg .
  6. Drizzle some sesame oil before served.



Boiling Point
Yummy smile is drifting in the Kitchen and it is almost ready to chow !


Creamy Thickening
Cook Tips – Thicken the soup while in boiling point and stir in with potato starch with the same circulation until is thick and creamy , Adjust with thick soy sauce for the golden brown broth look.


Boiled Quail Eggs
The cherry on the cake for this soap is hard boiled quail egg ……


My suggestion for best result – Served with fresh coriander, bean sprout , boiled quail eggs and some butter lettuce , crispy fish skin crackers available will be the perfect crispy component for this dish or i also enjoyed it very much with crispy egg noodles or rice noodle.

For someone like me almost half Thai citizen who has been worked in Thailand and travelled here for so many years getting around some crispy fish crackers is effortlessly easy and i never eat without with my best condiments with this dish of course.

Fermented Pickle Chili Sauce ( Namjiam Som )


Chili Sauce Som 4
Cook Tips – Anti clockwise guideline to made this yummy chili sauce a day or two before to achieve that ultimate yummy taste – The green stalk must blend together with the rest of the ingredients – As per my chili sauce guru advice.



You will need

Ingredients A

100g       Orange chili

30g         Green chili padi

30g         Garlic

20g         Shallot

10g         Coriander root

Ingredients B

35g         White vinegar

35ml      Lime juice

35ml      Palm Sugar

35g         Fish Sauce




  1. Deseed the orange chili and keep the green stalk to help for fermentation.
  2. Combine all ingredients and slow pan roast on the pan or wok until is charred.
  3. Combine with ingredient B blend in the mixer until is course then leave in the jug in the room temperature for a couple of days allow the chili sauce for further for fermentation.





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