My Lockdown Creation

During the SA national lockdown on 27 March I find myself just like many others feeling anxious and lost in first two weeks then i got even more depressed when the lockdown extension was announced by the .
Then I decided waste no time, but to launched my cooking class by selling discounted vouchers during downtown to my closed friend and redeem later.
Screenshot 2020-05-02 at 12.20.06


by posting online tutorial video on my Facebook everyday. After the second day i got a call from India – Mr Kardik Bhatt who i met in 2016 during my Pan Asian Food Promotion for Olive Tree Trading in Hyderabad.

He invited me in collaboration during these challenging times and showcasing my culinary talent through LIVE master class sessions with Marriott Hotels,India.
I committed myself to him immediately with no second thought.

Namaste India !
I am proud to present you #MasterOfMarriott with Chef Kuan Lai from Malaysia with a series Asian Master Class Live Stream from my home in Cape Town, South Africa.




After the immensely successful food previews with the most reputed hospitality brands in India, consecutively in 2017, 2018 & 2019, I thought I was destined to revisit this beautiful and friendly country again in the year 2020.
But as we began the year, I realised that I could not even step out of my house. And I believe your travel plans are shattered too!

No worries, if you cannot travel to the East, and that I cannot come to you, let me bring the Far East to you, as your experience #MarriottAtHome! I will be going live every week for the next 4 weeks with 4 distinguished hotels of Marriott India, showcasing simple, easy to make dishes which are flavourful yet authentically East.

Live Cooking Classes Schedule

Sunday 10th May @5,30pm UCT
Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway – Country of origin Vietnam
MENU : Rice Paper Roll Two Way & Pha Ga -Chicken Rice Noodle Soup

Sunday 17th May @5,30pm UCT
Ritz Carlton Bangalore – Country of origin China
MENU : Cantonese Roast Duck & Prawn Wanton Noodle Soup

Sunday 24th May @5,30pm UCT
Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel – Country of origin Indonesia
MENU : Nasi Goreng and chicken Sate

Sunday 31st May @5,30pm UCT
W Goa – Country of origin Malaysia
MENU :– Chicken Rendang curry and Nyonya Prawns with Pineapple Curry




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About MasterChef Kuan Lai- At the helm of culinary operations of various Asian speciality restaurants, MasterChef Kuan Lai has always elevated the unique dining experiences that the bouquet of award-winning restaurants that he has worked for, offers to discerning guests. A seasoned professional, Kuan has garnered over thirty years of professional experience across Asia, Africa and Europe. He started his career from his own Asian eatery in Cape Town and went on to helm some of the finest restaurants at the world’s leading five star hotels, including, the Westin Cape Town. Currently Chef Kuan travels the world and enlightens guests at various locations with his unique and authentic delicacies from the East. He has also briefly served royal duties where he gallantly carried out his responsibilities, overseeing all the official functions of their majesties. Kuan is also a consultant for various restaurant concept designs and well acclaimed for menu engineering. A classically trained chef, Kuan describes himself as someone who is continuously learning and adapting himself to the changing culinary landscape, evolving styles and local preferences. Between the years 2017 & 2019 Chef Kuan has hosted some unique food promotions at various Marriott Hotels in India including Westin Hyderabad, Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway, Sheraton Hyderabad, Launch of Marriott Indore’s Asian speciality restaurant to name a few.

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