Asian Deli

Hong Kong Barbeque made to Order in bulk per 100gm

Smoked Honey Spare Ribs 100gm @R60

Honey Glazed Chasiu Pork Belly 100gm @R60

Crispy Pork Belly 100gm @R60

Preserved Kimchi, Chilli jam, Chili oil
Cook in Curry , Broth and Sauce

Cook in Asian Sauces ready to cook just add your protein, Veg or use for stir fry dish 500ml @ R100 – Green Curry , Red Curry , Penang , Rendang , Asam Pedas, Sambal Tumis , Wok Stir Fry, 1000ml @ R100 – Tom Tum Prawn Broth, Sichuan Burnt Chili Oil , Ramen Shoyu , Hokkaido Miso Broth

Relish , Chili Oil & Preserved

280ml @ R65 – Sichuan Burnt Chili oil

280ml @ R65 – Sambal Oelek , Sambal Tumis Belachan

280ml @ R105 – Hong Kong XO Sauce , Nyonya Sambal Udang

Preserved Veg

500ml @ R100 – Korean Kimchi

500ml @ R75 – Nyonya Atchar Campur