“5 Star Cooking Class” by Amanda Reekie

” What an amazing option for a small business or a small team within a larger business to do a different kind of team-building. We got split into smaller groups and picked a menu to learn. Chef Kuan Lai is the real deal and literally should have his own TV channel, we did dim sum (pork and beef dumplings) hot and sour soup and Thai green curry. Before you start cooking, you are served a delicious cocktail or some bubbles and you are taken on a tour of the kitchen garden filled with Thai herbs and goodies such as kafir lime leaves, coriander and Thai basil as well as some others that I had never heard of. The food is amazing and everyone in our team wants to come back to sample their Sunday lunch buffet. Highly recommended”


“Kitima”are proud to be launching the Kitima Cooking Class  – as hosted by Executive Chef Kuan Lai & his excellent team of Thai Chefs. They look forward to developing your culinary skills through the art of cooking East-Asian cuisine.

Discover the fascination of South East Asia; from starters, with choices of delicate Hong Kong dim sum, Japanese sushi and sashimi or yummy salads –  as well as main course specialties consisting of the ancient royal Thai cuisine featuring exotic curries and wok stir fry dishes produced in the kitchen at Kitima at the Kronendal.

One of the highlights of Kitima’s cooking class is the bonsai gallery and organic herb garden tour to explore the art and culture from the Orient.

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About MasterChef Kuan Lai- At the helm of culinary operations of various Asian speciality restaurants, MasterChef Kuan Lai has always elevated the unique dining experiences that the bouquet of award-winning restaurants that he has worked for, offers to discerning guests. A seasoned professional, Kuan has garnered over thirty years of professional experience across Asia, Africa and Europe. He started his career from his own Asian eatery in Cape Town and went on to helm some of the finest restaurants at the world’s leading five star hotels, including, the Westin Cape Town. Currently Chef Kuan travels the world and enlightens guests at various locations with his unique and authentic delicacies from the East. He has also briefly served royal duties where he gallantly carried out his responsibilities, overseeing all the official functions of their majesties. Kuan is also a consultant for various restaurant concept designs and well acclaimed for menu engineering. A classically trained chef, Kuan describes himself as someone who is continuously learning and adapting himself to the changing culinary landscape, evolving styles and local preferences. Between the years 2017 & 2019 Chef Kuan has hosted some unique food promotions at various Marriott Hotels in India including Westin Hyderabad, Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway, Sheraton Hyderabad, Launch of Marriott Indore’s Asian speciality restaurant to name a few.

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